Traveling, Triggers and the Sober Adventure

Im not sure how most sober peeps else feels about it, but when Im traveling everything turns into a trigger. The stress of hailing a cab. The anxiety of the security lines. The ever present reminder of alcoholism from airport bars. The reminder of those on vacations letting loose and pre-gaming before the vacations begins. And my personal favorite, the in-flight beverage service where I would’ve have used my entire collection free-drink vouchers on a tag-team of Vodka-sodas and margaritas. But I’m past that, and living life one day at time and one adventure at a time.

Addiction changes a lot, especially how we travel. I have to be a lot more cognizant of my surroundings, mindful of my emotional state, and recognize and deal with my triggers: especially when pertaining to alcohol addiction. Drinking seems to be more and more engrained in more and more cultures. Visible everywhere through ads, social norms and basic consumption. Which means my triggers are everywhere.

The fact that my triggers are everywhere can not and will not affect my actions. I choose to deal with addiction issues and not let my alcoholism ruin my adventures! I can have just as much fun traveling sober. This is the start of my journey and I will continue to write about my sober travels and hope you can join me on this awesome adventure!


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