My Sober Destinations of Choice

My old pattern of travel would go something like this….

  1. Arrive in a new city, country or wherever
  2. Go to hotel or hostel and plot out the nearest location for consumption…of alcohol
  3. Find said location and start consumption…of alcohol and anything else I could find
  4. Get blitzed, wake up somewhere unknown in an unknown place
  5. Feel awful, ashamed and repeat

It’s honestly amazing that I enjoy travel at all after addictions nearly wrecked every travel plan I ever took. Now that Im in recovery Ive got some perspective. Im not letting the alcohol addiction, the pills or cocaine define and rule my life. Now, being sober, I can experience a whole new world that I couldn’t before. When I come to new town Im amazed at how much there is to experience: the vistas, music, art, history, food, and the people! Granted my priorities have changed, but it’s just insane on how much I missed because I was using. Well, not anymore…

Here are a few of my most favoritest travel destinations in the US, now that Im sober…enjoy!

Montrose, CO: To me, this is a jewell hidden in Colorado, but getting there is half the fun. I typically fly into Denver, grab a rental, then head over to The Market at Larimer Square for a cup of coffee and breakfast. Then Im off! The drive is half the fun! You pass through some of the most beautiful scenery on the plant: South Park, through Gunnison, and the Blue Mesa Reservoir. Plenty of places to stop and enjoy. Montrose appears out of nowhere and is centrally located to enjoy Ouray, Black Canyon and the Gunnison National Park. Being surrounded by this much natural beauty makes alcohol addiction a complete afterthought.

Chattanooga, TN: This is another of those outdoorsy cities with another one of those gorgeous drives! Fly into BNA in Nashville, swing by the Gulch for some Biscuit Love, and then hit the road! The first 45 minutes out of town is a little meh…but once you hit the mountains everything changes! There’s seriously something for everyone in Chattanooga: The Aquarium, Look Out Mountain, and even downtown has sprung up with good eats and sober hangs!

Washington DC: Although politics are enough to drive anyone to substance abuse and addiction, there’s a surprising amount to do to keep you occupied. Tons of history, tons of museums, and not too far from some beautiful coastal space. Just google it.


One thought on “My Sober Destinations of Choice

  1. I love that you have such a positive approach to recovery and make it fun (instead of drudgery)! What a cool blog, thanks for adding my blog earlier today! I added yours back and look forward to learning more about your very cool program of recovery in the future!

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