Snowboarding in Recovery: The Power of Powder

Living in addiction recovery Ive learned a lot about myself. I’ve learned to live life to the fullest and be mindful of the things around me and the importance of hobbies. One hobby in particular that has kept me sober and free from addiction is snowboarding. The power of white powder is strong…and yes, I’m talking about both cocaine and snow. However, my love of snowboarding far surpasses┬ámy previous love, albeit, an addiction to cocaine. Snowboarding gives me the ability to connect with people without any substance in the middle. It’s taught me to love nature and gets me outdoors. Kind of hard to get out the door when you’re stuck getting high. It gives me a different kind of high. A high that won’t cost me my friends family and way too much money.

Living in Utah Ive got access to some seriously sick mountains. Heres a list of a few places I’d like to ride before the season ends:

Eagle Point Resort

Nordic Valley Resort

Park City Mountain Resort

Powder Mountain



The power of powder is indeed strong! It’s strong enough to help pull me out of the hell I used to live in! Addiction took a lot from me. But with the help of solid addiction treatment and believing I can do things like, snowboarding, it’s helped me completely turn my life around.


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