I Fell in Love With The Oregon Coast

When I was quite a bit younger, my dad left and moved to the Oregon coast. Sparing the details on that relationship, he moved out there to be with a women he married but I actually never met her. When I came to visit she was curiously absent. My dad had his own demons and previously struggled with alcohol addiction. So you could say it ran in the family. I digress, I would visit him every spring and I fell in love with the Oregon coast. He lived in a small fishing village called Yachats.

As you might expect it was small, quiet and a bit wet. The house we stayed in backed up to a primordial forest which felt like a thousand years old. Everything there had character and felt like it had it’s own story a million years old. It seemed like the perfect place to be left alone and really focus on introspection. Every time I was there I would wake up and have a cup of coffee on the back porch. Then, walk across 101 and head towards the Yachats State Recreation area and walk the beach. It’s definitely a place where I could be with myself and work out any problems lingering in my recovering mind.

The beaches along the Oregon coast gave me the perfect foundation to start mindfulness. I was still in the grips of addiction but I like to think those beaches planted the seeds on me seeing the world in a different light. Now, when I go back it’s a bit easier to enjoy the place and I can see it in its full beauty. Here a few places to see in the area:

Once I again have to thank my recovery for really exposing me to the beauty around me. Without recovery I wouldn’t be here and wouldn’t have the ability appreciate the beautiful world around me. Instead of focusing on getting my next hit of cocaine, now I can just relax and get a hit of this bad ass world around me!


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