Triggers in the Ordinary: Stress & Addiction

Im visiting a friend in Nashville this week. This morning their were some serious clouds rolling through, the thunder came, and then I heard sirens. Apparently, those are meant to warn the public that a tornado is coming. Having never experienced a tornado, other than watching some old 90s flick on cable called’Twister’…I was scared. REALLY Scared!

That fear gave me anxiety, and that anxiety gave me what used to be trigger feelings. I haven’t been that scared in quite some time, but it gave me the same feeling I used to feel deep in my drug addiction. This time was different though. I recognized the feelings and did what someone suggested here…I changed the tape playing in my head.

Where I would’ve used and self medicated, I did some some deep breathing recognized my feelings and moved on. These ordinary occurrences for those not in recovery are triggers. They are triggers just laying around in the mundane and ordinary. Im proud to say that my recovery and sobriety make these every day situations way more manageable.

On a side note, since Im in Nashville, I’ll post some travel blogs and let you know what Im up to in this awesome city!


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