Nashville..but Sober

This week I’ve been able too travel to Nashville. Aside from the tornado warnings and subsequent freakout on Wednesday this trip has been amazing! Nashville is not at all the town I thought it was, and probably not the town you think it is too. Affectionately known as Country Music USA, it’s got so much more to offer! The food scene is insane, there’s every outdoor activity under the sun within a few hours drive, and there’s way more awesome music than just country.

Nashville, with it’s growing foodie and restaurant community, is also a big drinking town. Which could be a problem if you’re in active addiction recovery, like me. However, Nashville has so much more to experience than just getting intoxicated in Broadway. Sidetone, Broadway is still pretty amazing if you can get past it’s drunken stooper. Here are my top 5 addiction free and sober activities to still have a kick ass time in Nashville!

Cheek wood Botanical Gardens: If you’re looking for a nice relaxing afternoon this is the place. Nestled just 15 minutes from downtown, Cheekwood had beautiful grounds and ever changing art exhibits. Great for a picnic and a place to reflect. Naturally free from any type of substance abuse triggers.

The Frist Center for the Visual Arts: Hands down one of the best art galleries Ive ever been to. Art became a wonderful outlet for me when I was in the throws of my drug addiction. It was visually pleasing, introspective and calming. The Frist does all of  these things. It also looks like its straight out of a Batman comic!

Third Man Records: Jack White, with a plethora of other non-country super-stars calls Nashville home. He also opened an amazing storefront called Third Man Records. If you’re into Vinyl, this is a must see! Just like art, music is healing and it’s transformed my recovery on the daily.

Country Music Hall of Fame: Ok, I know I said Nashville has more to offer than just country music but you HAVE to check this out! If you’re even remotely interested in music at all, this is sure to tickle your fancy.

Provence: This is one of the best coffee-shops bakery Ive ever been to. It’s small, great atmosphere, and located in a cool trendy part of town known as Hillsboro Village. Have a croissant and a cup of coffee while you look less touristy than the people across the street at the Pancake Pantry 😉


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