Keeping Your Cool: Staying Chill in Recovery

With the recent trending subjects of addiction and mental health in the news and politics, especially concerning how our new president and other elected officials are repealing the affordable care act, Ive been on edge. It’s really amazing how world events, and some that truly have no baring on my life whatsoever, can really affect my day to day feelings. Im young and impressionable….I get it, and I probably choose to react on emotion over logic. But wow…it’s been really hard to keep my cool and stay level headed with all this bad stuff going on in the world.

The reason I mention the repealing of the affordable care act, aka¬†obamacare, is that I’m in active addiction recovery. I live a sober life. I have lots of friends who had great insurance and got the help they needed with addiction and/or mental health issues. I also have a lot of friends who are still struggling and they have no insurance or have insurance through the ACA. Im scared for them and their lives. It makes me crazy, depressed, sad, anxious, and I have a hard time keeping it together sometimes.

During these hard times I try and harken back to my treatment. I try and remember to be mindful and help change the things I can. It’s hard to keep your cool and stay chill when you’ve got friends that are struggling and you’ve got a pension for over-reacting. So I try and stay mindful, continue love and support my friends through their addiction issues, and speak up for myself and for others.


One thought on “Keeping Your Cool: Staying Chill in Recovery

  1. You have a pension for retirement and a penchant for overreacting (you do, actually).

    We’ve had Obamacare (fully implemented) for what, three years now? It’s a wonder we got sober before 2014! Not only that, it’s done amazing damage to the middle class, darn near wiping it out, because it’s so damned expensive.

    I’ll do a happy dance the day it’s burned to the ground.


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